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Pipe Fittings

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We are regarded as being the most unique & notable manufacturers, traders as well as suppliers regarding Pipe Fittings. Each of our provided variety is well know for the features just like heat level of resistance, dimensional accuracy as well as solid design and style. These are manufactured having good quality NPT tapered threads and is particularly traditionally used throughout domestic plumbing functions, bare concrete as well as petrochemical market sectors. Pipe Fittings is available with competing price ranges out there. Most of us make certain total check process with each of our office space. Many of us production pipe fittings to all steel, metallic which includes SS, MS, Brass, Copper pipe fitting, Butweld & Socket weld fitting etc.

Further Details: Ratings and specifications are as follows : Threads
Pressure Rating
Pressure Ratings regarding temperature up to 100oF tend to be identified for every individual pipe fitting inside the dimensional data chart.

Temperature known underneath apply at basic fitting features. In every situations factor also needs to be provided with to be able to the type of thread sealant applied. For instance, PTFE tape has a utmost temperature rating of 450°F.Stainless Steel : -325°F to 1200°F ( - 198°C to 648°C ) Brass : 325°F to 400°F ( -198°C to 204°C ).

Materials :

Matrika engineering works Pipe Fittings are available as standard in Brass, MS and Stainless Steel. Pipe Fittings can also be supplied in other materials including Monel, Hastelloy C, Inconel and Titanium, and in special shapes. Specifications for standard materials are : Stainless Steel Forgings : ASTM A - 182 Stainless Steel Bar Stock : ASTM A- 479 Brass Forgings, Alloy 377 : QQ -B-626 Brass Bar Stock, Alloy 353 : ASTM B - 453 or Alloy 360 : QQ - B- 626.

Matrika Engineering Works pipe fitting part numbering
The part numbering system for matrika engineering works Pipe Fittings is completely descriptive and easily understood.
Assembly instructions

To make certain a leak-tight seal, the employment of a pipe thread sealant is proposed. One particular typically applied process is PTFE Tape. Be aware that Pipe thread Sealants may have reduced temperature abilities as opposed to standard fitting.